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Private Label

Your Partner for Premium Custom Manufacturing Swimwear and Lingerie

Why to choose us

Unmatched Attention

Our skilled artisans take immense pride in their craftsmanship, ensuring that every stitch reflects precision, and in the rare event of a defect, we'll correct it at our expense.

Quality Control

We go above and beyond industry standards with meticulous inspections to ensure you receive the highest-quality products.

High Communication:

We reply to emails within 24 hours on working days, reply on WhatsApp within 1 hour on working days. This distinguishes us from other companies.

Flexible Order Quantities

From small runs (with a minimum of 300 units per model) to large-scale batches, we meet your unique demands.

Private Label:
Your Partner for High-Quality Craftsmanship

At Private Label, we stand as one of the leading upscale manufacturers, dedicated to crafting high-quality swimwear, beachwear and lingerie for discerning brands across Europe and America. 
Our expertise is intricately woven into every seam. 
As a family-owned business, our legacy is committed to empowering you to create exceptional products.

Crafting Distinctive Designs

Discover a world of possibilities as your custom bikini and lingerie maker. Collaborate with us to watch your unique designs take shape, capturing the attention of your audience. Each piece is a testament to our unparalleled attention to detail and your unique vision.

Bikini and Lingerie Making Unleashed

At Private Label, we redefine white label manufacturing. From meticulous attention to detail to flexible order quantities, we empower your brand to shine.
Choose Private Label for a production journey tailored to your unique vision and needs.

Private Label Expertise

As your private label swimsuit and lingerie manufacturer, we seamlessly integrate your brand identity into each creation, offering a bespoke touch that sets your products apart.

Our cases

The team and the team lead are beyond amazing, they have been holding my hand throughout the production process (mind you I have no education nor experience in the field). They have helped, advised and worked with me at every step, every need and want and been extremely patient with my timelines. Before finding them I had actually unsuccessfully tried producing my own lingerie line with 5 different companies. Only good words and huge recommendations.

Nicole Victoria Marchesani

Nicole Victoria Marchesani

I very much enjoy working with Artjoms and his team of expert sewing technicians. Their quality and craftsmanship has been excellent over the many years we have worked together. I highly recommend this company for any high quality sewing needs. Thank you so much. – Richard

Richard O’Hamill

Richard O’Hamill

Working with this friendly and professional company for some years now.
My underwear brand Sarah’s Sweeties has high quality standards.
They are very skilled in underwear production.
Hardworking family owned business. Nice and easy to work with.

Sarah Notenboom

Sarah Notenboom

I enjoy working with PRIVATE LABEL very much. There is great communication and the quality of all the products is simply amazing. 10/10 would recommend!

Isa Hoeksema

Isa Hoeksema

We have been working with Private Label for 5 years now and have been very happy with the service and quality delivered over this time, as we have grown as a business and developed more products and larger orders each year. Pricing is transparent, communication is always very quick and responsive, and they are willing to go the extra mile to get the job done including assisting with logistics / fabric shipping / sourcing components etc. I would happily recommend them if you are looking for a factory to grow with whilst ensuring quality is high. We look forward to continuing to produce new product streams with the factory going forwards.

Olivia Bishop

Olivia Bishop


Our production facility is situated in Liepaja, Latvia, Europe.

Our team comprises the finest industry experts in our city. These are individuals who, alongside our leadership, work towards creating exceptional products for our clients and their brands.

Our clients include existing and emerging premium swimwear and lingerie brands from Europe and America.

Our team is delighted to develop a new product based on your request, manufacture it in mass production, or propose a ready-made design under your client’s brand.

Our team excels in the development and production of swimwear and lingerie models. Our extensive experience is centered around these product categories.

Your brand deserves distinction.

Partner with Private Label for excellence in custom swimwear and luxury lingerie.

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