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Bulk Production for Your Custom Swimwear and Lingerie Products

  • You can use your patterns for bulk production.
  • The production timeline is 4-6 weeks from the placement of the order to shipment.

Efficiency meets excellence

in our Bulk Production services, tailored to your specifications.

Uncover the details

of minimum order quantities, certificated suppliers, and adherence to European standards.

Experience the convenience

of crafting personalized labels, designing tag connectors, and incorporating sewn-in tags, all reflecting your unique brand identity.

Benefit from the reliability

of carefully selected materials and the speed of fast delivery for your customized product elements.

We have the capability to store

component reserves, facilitating seamless reorders. This ensures a smooth production journey while keeping you informed at every step.

How it works?


Client Inquiry:

Clients initiate the bulk production process by submitting requests based on their specific patterns

Component Readiness Assessment:

We assess the client's readiness for components, checking if they have suppliers for fabrics, elastic bands, hardware, tags, etc. If not, we assist by sourcing from our trusted suppliers. Partial assistance is also available if the client has identified some components, such as fabric or lace, and we proceed to order components for bulk production.

Packaging and Delivery Preparation:

We engage in discussions with the client about product packaging methods, preparation of SKU/Barcode labels, and clarification of the delivery address.

Mass Production:

Upon receiving the size-graded order and all components, our team initiates the bulk production process. Quality control is implemented both during and after production to ensure rigorous quality standards.

Brand Tagging and Delivery:

After completing bulk production, our team attaches your brand's cardboard tags, individually marks, packs, and delivers the products via DHL Economy courier to your designated warehouse.

We take immense pleasure in welcoming clients to our production facility.

Transparency is at the core of our values, and thus, our doors are consistently open, reflecting our commitment to openness and accessibility.


Yes, if you are an existing brand and have your own developed patterns and production samples, we would be delighted to assist you with bulk production. Simply send us your patterns and production samples, and we’ll happily sew samples for you.

The minimum for one model is 300 units, 150 units per color, and 5-10 units per size. 
* For models produced monthly, discussions on reducing the minimum are possible.

The production timeframe is 4-6 weeks from the placement of the order to shipment. 
* For brands produced with us monthly, priority is given.

Payment for bulk order production is made via an invoice to the LUMINOR BANK company bank account. 50% is due before production begins, and the remaining 50% is due before the order is shipped to the client.

Our team attaches cardboard tags using connectors and affixes hygienic liners. Each item is meticulously hand-wrapped, individually, with its own packaging. Upon customer request, we apply SKU or BARCODE stickers to cardboard tags or packaging pouches. 

Cardboard boxes are wrapped in film for secure transportation.

Your brand deserves distinction.

Partner with Private Label for excellence in custom swimwear and luxury lingerie.

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