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Our production facility is situated in Liepaja, Latvia, Europe.

Our team comprises the finest industry experts in our city. These are individuals who, alongside our leadership, work towards creating exceptional products for our clients and their brands.

Our clients include existing and emerging premium swimwear and lingerie brands from Europe and America.

Our team is delighted to develop a new product based on your request, manufacture it in mass production, or propose a ready-made design under your client’s brand.

Our team excels in the development and production of swimwear and lingerie models. Our extensive experience is centered around these product categories.

Our company values our client’s time, and we respond to inquiries on business days within 24 hours via email and within 1 hour on WhatsApp.

Our team extends an invitation for you to meet us in person. Explore collaboration opportunities, visit us during the development of a new product, or witness the mass production process.

Orders are shipped via DHL Economy courier, with delivery taking 4-5 business days. For an additional fee, DHL Express can deliver the order within 1 business day.

No, the delivery with DHL Economy is included in the production cost.

Payment for bulk order production is made via an invoice to the LUMINOR BANK company bank account. 50% is due before production begins, and the remaining 50% is due before the order is shipped to the client.

Upon completion of the bulk order production, we inspect 100% of the items before packaging. Therefore, we confidently assert that you will be satisfied with the result. If, however, you receive a substandard product, we will retrieve it at our expense, rectify it, and send it back to you.

Our team attaches cardboard tags using connectors and affixes hygienic liners. Each item is meticulously hand-wrapped, individually, with its own packaging. Upon customer request, we apply SKU or BARCODE stickers to cardboard tags or packaging pouches. 

Cardboard boxes are wrapped in film for secure transportation.

Custom Product:

Our team divides the development process into three stages. The first stage involves discussing the client’s idea, sourcing necessary components, creating initial patterns, and producing a prototype. This stage includes DHL Express delivery and costs between 120.00 – 200.00 EUR. During the first stage, we introduce you to our team’s working process and the results you can expect from working with us.

To bring your idea to life, all we need is your understanding of it. It could be expressed as a sketch or Tech Pack. Perhaps you already have a favorite swimsuit or lingerie piece that you want to recreate for your new brand. That’s all our team needs to create a prototype.

Our team works exceptionally fast; the development of initial patterns and prototype production takes 1-2 weeks. An essential step is discussing and selecting components such as fabrics, ribbons, hardware, and tags, which may take about 1 week or more depending on the supplier of specific components.

Our team eagerly awaits your feedback after fitting the prototype of your product. Feedback typically includes photos and information about changes for the second sample. If you’re nervous or it’s your first time, we’ll be happy to conduct an online or offline fitting with our designer and discuss further adjustments.

The second stage involves reproducing the prototype with adjustments after fitting. This stage costs significantly less, ranging from 20.00 EUR to 40.00 EUR, excluding delivery. Clients can choose between DHL Express or DHL Economy for delivery.

After the client approves the prototype in one size, the team proceeds to grade the entire size range as specified. After grading, our team recommends sewing and measuring other sizes to ensure that the prototype looks perfect in all sizes.

Payment for the development of a Custom Product requires a 100% prepayment via an invoice to the company’s bank account.

Yes, our company does not disclose the names of brands we work with unless they approve such disclosure. We are willing to sign a cooperation agreement or a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you.

Ready-to-Brand Collections:

Yes, our team continually develops Ready-to-Brand Collections, expanding the range to enable clients to create their brands with reduced costs and time.

Products from our Ready-to-Brand Collections can be produced not only in the colors and fabrics we present but also in fabrics and colors specified by the client.

No, if the product is in stock at our warehouse, matching your expectations in terms of models, sizes, colors, and fabrics. Yes, if the product is not in stock at our warehouse. In this case, the minimum may be 100 units per model and color, depending on the minimums for components.

Components and Product Cost:

Rely on our experience working with fabric manufacturers, lace producers, ribbon and hardware suppliers, and tag manufacturers in Latvia and throughout Europe. Our team will guide you and assist in choosing the right components and their suppliers. We help with communication, ordering components, and organizing their delivery to the production facility.

As most component suppliers usually have a minimum order requirement, leftovers remain after mass production. These leftovers cannot be included in the cost of mass production, as it would make the production cost unacceptable. Therefore, the financial investment in components falls on the client.

For your convenience, we offer to store leftover components for free at our warehouse for use in your future orders.

Yes, if you already know which component manufacturers you plan to work with, we are happy to collaborate with your suppliers.

Trust our team in this matter. During the development of a new product, we will calculate the required components for one item and for the entire mass order.

By calculating the needed components for one item and their cost, our team will estimate the cost of mass production and, consequently, the total cost of your product.

Bulk Production with Your Patterns:

Yes, if you are an existing brand and have your own developed patterns and production samples, we would be delighted to assist you with bulk production. Simply send us your patterns and production samples, and we’ll happily sew samples for you.

Minimum Bulk Production and Timeframe:

The minimum for one model is 300 units, 150 units per color, and 5-10 units per size. 

* For models produced monthly, discussions on reducing the minimum are possible.

The production timeframe is 4-6 weeks from the placement of the order to shipment. 

* For brands produced with us monthly, priority is given.

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