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Crafting Excellence
in Custom Swimwear
and Lingerie Design

  • To create a prototype, you only need one of these – a sketch, Tech Pack, swimsuit or lingerie piece you want to recreate for your new brand.
  • The development duration for the initial prototype is approximately 1 to 2 weeks

Embark on a tailor-made journey

with our Custom Product Development services, where your vision transforms into reality.

We will guide you

through every intricate detail, as a custom swimsuit maker and designer lingerie manufacturer.

Dive into discussions

about your design concepts, explore cost estimations, and witness the creation of reference samples based on your Tech Pack.

Experience the precision of prototype production

the artistry in sourcing components, and the finesse of product sewing. From swimwear tops to lingerie, our experts bring your unique designs to life.

Engage in Online or Offline fittings

meticulous size grading, and detailed calculations of component quantities per unit.

Navigate the process

with transparent cost breakdowns, flexible payment terms, and project completion timelines.

How it works?


Client Collaboration:

Share your vision for a bikini or lingerie collection through sketches, Tech Packs, or reference samples from your favorite brands. We delve into the details, discussing your preferences, seams, finishing, and the size of the initial prototype.

Component Readiness Assessment:

We assess the client's readiness regarding components. If you don't have suppliers for fabrics, elastic bands, hardware, tags, etc., our team can assist in sourcing from our trusted suppliers. Alternatively, we can help partially if you've already found some components, such as fabric or lace. We then proceed to order components for the production of initial samples.

Pattern Development and Sample Production:

Our team begins crafting initial patterns and producing the first samples. Once approved by our development team, DHL Express delivers them to you for fitting within 1-2 working days.

Fitting and Amendment Process:

Fittings and desired amendments occur through various formats: online fittings with our designer via Google Meet, offline fittings at our facility in Liepaja, Latvia, or through a photo/video format with client comments. After each fitting, our development team incorporates changes into the patterns and creates new samples for further fitting iterations.

Grading and Finalization:

Upon achieving perfection in one size, our pattern maker grades the patterns to create the full range of sizes specified by the client. We generate measurement tables and a production sequence for mass production. Simultaneously, our team creates a consumption report for components and calculates the cost for mass production. We strongly recommend clients try and fit other sizes in the range for complete confidence in the fit.

Preparation for Mass Production:

Clients submit a size-graded order in multiples (e.g., 5, 10, 15, 20, or 6, 12, 18, 24). Knowing the quantity and component consumption per item, our team assists in ordering fabrics, ribbons, hardware, tags, etc., for mass production.

Packaging and Delivery Preparation:

The final discussion with the client covers product packaging methods, SKU/Barcode label preparation, and the shipping address.

Mass Production:

Upon receiving the size-graded order and all components, our team initiates mass production. Quality control is implemented both during and after production to ensure impeccable results.

Brand Tagging and Delivery:

After completing mass production, our team attaches your brand's cardboard tags, individually marks and packs the products, and ships them via DHL Economy courier to your designated warehouse.

We take immense pleasure in welcoming clients to our production facility.

Transparency is at the core of our values, and thus, our doors are consistently open, reflecting our commitment to openness and accessibility.


Our team divides the development process into three stages. The first stage involves discussing the client’s idea, sourcing necessary components, creating initial patterns, and producing a prototype. This stage includes DHL Express delivery and costs between 120.00 – 200.00 EUR. During the first stage, we introduce you to our team’s working process and the results you can expect from working with us.

To bring your idea to life, all we need is your understanding of it. It could be expressed as a sketch or Tech Pack. Perhaps you already have a favorite swimsuit or lingerie piece that you want to recreate for your new brand. That’s all our team needs to create a prototype.

Our team works exceptionally fast; the development of initial patterns and prototype production takes 1-2 weeks. An essential step is discussing and selecting components such as fabrics, ribbons, hardware, and tags, which may take about 1 week or more depending on the supplier of specific components.

Rely on our experience working with fabric manufacturers, lace producers, ribbon and hardware suppliers, and tag manufacturers in Latvia and throughout Europe. Our team will guide you and assist in choosing the right components and their suppliers. We help with communication, ordering components, and organizing their delivery to the production facility.

Payment for the development of a Custom Product requires a 100% prepayment via an invoice to the company’s bank account.

Your brand deserves distinction.

Partner with Private Label for excellence in custom swimwear and luxury lingerie.

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