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Ready-to-Brand Collections, Tailored to Your Brand Identity

  • No mininun order if the product is in stock.
  • Ready-to-Brand collections can be made in fabrics and colors specifield by you.

Transform your brand effortlessly

with our Ready-to-Brand Collections. As a designer beachwear and lingerie manufacturer, we present curated collections that seamlessly align with contemporary fashion trends.

Explore new products

in our collections, each meticulously crafted to offer a spectrum of styles. Our collections are dynamic and can be effortlessly customized to reflect your unique brand identity.

Dive into the details

of our target swimsuit collection, new bikini collection, and more. This convenient option allows you to elevate your brand with fashion-forward designs, ensuring quality craftsmanship resonates with your target audience.

Holistic approach is your key

to redefining your brand presence in the competitive world of swimwear and lingerie. This streamlined process ensures a convenient and efficient experience for clients looking to brand and customize our ready-to-brand collection.

How it works?


Client Inquiry:

Customers can request a link to browse through our catalog of models meticulously developed and tested by our team. These models are available for customization under the client's brand.

Product Options:

Clients can choose to purchase items directly from our company's warehouse in the colors and fabrics featured in the catalog. Alternatively, they can discuss the possibility of producing items in different colors or fabrics.

Sample Options:

Before placing a mass order, clients have the option to order samples from our catalogs or choose to have custom samples crafted in their preferred colors and fabrics.

Order Placement:

Upon deciding, clients place a mass order and provide their brand's fabric and cardboard tags for placement on the products. Alternatively, clients can collaborate with our partner in Riga, Latvia, to create their branded tags.

Stock Availability:

If the ordered products are in stock at our warehouse, fulfillment takes approximately 1-2 weeks, and there's no minimum order requirement. For products to be produced, the production timeline depends on the delivery schedule of components and can range from 4 to 8 weeks. The minimum order quantity is 100 units per model, color, or higher, depending on the specific minimums for certain components.

Finalization and Delivery:

Upon completing mass production, our team attaches your brand's cardboard tags, individually marks, packs, and delivers the products via DHL Economy courier to your designated warehouse.

We take immense pleasure in welcoming clients to our production facility.

Transparency is at the core of our values, and thus, our doors are consistently open, reflecting our commitment to openness and accessibility.


Yes, our team continually develops Ready-to-Brand Collections, expanding the range to enable clients to create their brands with reduced costs and time.

Products from our Ready-to-Brand Collections can be produced not only in the colors and fabrics we present but also in fabrics and colors specified by the client.

No, if the product is in stock at our warehouse, matching your expectations in terms of models, sizes, colors, and fabrics. Yes, if the product is not in stock at our warehouse. In this case, the minimum may be 100 units per model and color, depending on the minimums for components.

Upon completion of the bulk order production, we inspect 100% of the items before packaging. Therefore, we confidently assert that you will be satisfied with the result. If, however, you receive a substandard product, we will retrieve it at our expense, rectify it, and send it back to you.

The production timeframe is 4-6 weeks from the placement of the order to shipment. 

* For brands produced with us monthly, priority is given.

Payment for bulk order production is made via an invoice to the LUMINOR BANK company bank account. 50% is due before production begins, and the remaining 50% is due before the order is shipped to the client.

Your brand deserves distinction.

Partner with Private Label for excellence in custom swimwear and luxury lingerie.
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Get the 'Top Trends 2024/25' guide for free

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